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Thoroughbred Racing and Gambling

The HRA or the Horseracing Regulatory Authority governs the Thoroughbred horse racing in the United Kingdom. The HRA governs and enforces the laws and rules for the races. They also issue permits or licenses to the jockeys and trainers. They also run the races conducted by the race course officers or race course officials.

The most important part of the work that the Horse racing Regulatory Authority does is that which is related to the training and disciplining the jockeys and the trainers. This includes appeals from the decisions previously by race course stewards. They also handle disciplinary inquiries that are usually related to running of horses, like for example: interference with other runners or failure to run a horse on the merits provided and the using the whip excessively. The advent of the internet online betting made opportunities for the greater public to bet on horses and this technological development has been associated with some of the higher proceedings for disciplinary actions.

The Irish Jockey Club governs the races held in Ireland and the United Kingdom was released from most of the regulatory functions it previously performed. The United Kingdom still provides different role in supporting the Irish Jockey Club.

In order for one to run a horse, the horse must be registered first at Weatherbys. It should be registered as a thoroughbred. The horse must also live permanently at the yard of the trainer. The yard must be licensed by the Horseracing Regulatory Authority. The owner or owners of the horse must also be registered owners.

Tradition has it that the race horses are owned by very wealthy persons who are from a small population only. Nowadays it has become growingly common for the horses to be owned by the partnerships or the syndicates. Some of the notable horses is owned by the Royal Ascot Racing Club which is the 2005 Derby winner named Motivator. Soviet Song, a race horse is owned by the Elite Racing Club and is a winner of the group 2 race at the Royal Ascot last 2006.

A horse can run in the distinct colors of the owner. These colors assigned to the horses must also be registered at the Weatherbys every year and no two horse owners may carry the same color. The rights to specific arrangements for the colors are known as the "cherished colours". The cherished color is also very significant in the same manner that car registration numbers are also of value.

It is told that Mrs. Sue Magnier paid the amount of �50,000 for the distinctive dark blue colors of her horse. If for example an owner has more than just one horse running for the same race then some slight difference in colors should be used.

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