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Walking Tall in the Gambling World

Gambling has been the subject of many books and movies at present. Some of them depict gambling as good, while others do not, while there are those which are undecided on how they want to depict gambling.

Such is the case of the movie Walking Tall. Walking Tall has two versions; its original was shown in 1973 while the remake was shown in 2004. Both editions shows a man who wants to correct the wrongdoings of a gambling house which has turned his town upside down. By the way, this movie was based on true accounts.

In both versions, the lead character returns home finding a gambling house which has greatly influenced his town. The problem begins when he realized that the gambling house was cheating by loaded dice.

However, this was not the focus of the later version. The earlier version dwelt on this, and the lead character fights the corruption that is plaguing his town. In the remake, aside from the loaded dice, the lead character also discovered that the gambling house is also a drug den, which sells drugs to minors even.

In both movies, the lead character tries to solve the problem through violence, using his famous stick. When they go to trial, he wins when he shows the scars to the jury.

There is a significant difference in the two versions. In the earlier one, gambling houses were still illegal, and that they were only able to operate by bribing the politicians and the police officers. In the remake, gambling houses are very much legal, so to create more drama, they added the drug dealing aspect.

However, many people think that it is ineffective, and in a way, misleading. Does the new version claim that gambling by itself is bad? It is also very unfair to connect illegal businesses to gambling. This is one of the reasons why many people still oppose gambling, even if it has become legal.

The original movie and the remake also emphasize that the gambling house cheats its clients. This rarely happens today, that is why this image only makes it harder for gambling operators to attract customers. In the movies, it was a s if it's a common thing for the gambling house to cheat, and not earn money fairly.

Gambling fans just wish that more movies would show the good sides of gambling as well, so that people would not judge gambling very unfairly.

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